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When is Education Day? This year Education Day is Friday, November 16th, 2018 from 9am – 4pm.

What does Education Day include? It will include the opportunity for students to personally experience global connections through scheduled workshops, mini language classes, demonstrations, music and dance performances, ethnic displays, food sampling, and a marketplace. It also includes student passports, three-day wrist tickets, parking passes, and teacher curriculum materials and orientation.

What do we need to do to participate in the Education Day?  Education Day requires pre‐registration and full payment for participation. The registration and ticket order form can be found at www.folkfair.org under the Events tab in Education Day.

How much are the tickets? Tickets are $6 for students, teachers, and chaperones. They are good for all 3 days of the festival.

How many teachers / chaperones are required? The mandatory ratio of six or less students to one teacher/chaperone (6:1) is required.

Can we purchase tickets at the gate? Education Day tickets are not available for purchase at the gate. All students, teachers and chaperones may only enter with a pre‐purchased
 Education Day wrist ticket.

How can students eat lunch while at the Holiday Folk Fair? There are plenty of tables and seating for the students to sit. Students have the option of purchasing items from the café or they can bring a bag lunch. However, there is no place to hold these lunches. We recommend the students leave their lunches on the bus or carry them.

When is the deadline to register for Education Day? The last day to register a school is Friday, November 9th, 2018. However, additional students can be registered until Wednesday, November 14th.

What is the free incentive ticket?  One free ticket is given for every order of 25 tickets purchased before 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 26, 2018.  [26 tickets for the price of 25.]

What materials will we receive at the teacher orientation? You will receive schedules, guidelines, student passports, parking passes and three-day wrist tickets.

Our school is not able to send a school representative to the teacher orientation, how can we get our materials? A representative will need to schedule a telephone orientation and the materials will be mailed to your school for a $10 shipping fee.

Are other grades allowed to participate? Education Day is designed for students in grades 4th-8th grades only.  Education Day is designed to be the most beneficial to these grades.  Homeschooled or special education students may be extended an exception.  Please call if to see if your group qualifies for the exception.


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